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Technology plays an integral role in improving hotel operations. A solid tech stack can help hotels save time and improve guest experience. Specifically, the below tools can greatly improve your hotel´s operational performance:

PMS (Property Management System) & POS (Point of Sale System)

  • Frictionless interaction with customers;
  • Reduce labor intensity and risk of errors through automation;
  • Access to better data (less prone to errors than manual reporting);
  • Well-designed systems allow for features such as keyless check-in.

CRM system (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Drive loyalty and increase service level through personalized offerings;
  • Automated marketing initiatives including email campaigns.

RMS (Revenue Management System)

  • More in-depth analysis of hotel performance;
  • Less time-consuming analysis.

Internal collaboration tools

  • Software to manage guests’ preferences, requests, complaints, maintenance, housekeeping, internal communication and more…

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